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Hair Extensions at Marla

At Marla Hair we offer three different types of hair extension methods.

We strive to create the hair you’ve always wanted using a method that is right for you,
your hair type and our lifestyle. Each one of our hair extension methods is super safe for your
natural hair and we of course, make sure all your extensions are fitted extremely discreetly. 
The hair we use in our hair extensions at Marla
We ethically source the finest hair from across the world including Russia and Asia. To ensure
our clients receive the correct type of hair and colour, we personally take the time to colour
match your extensions with your natural hair - no other salon in Essex offers this.
 To achieve our signature seamless hair extensions look, we blend the hair by hand whilst you
are with us in the salon, meaning we have the time to make sure its nothing short of perfect.
Due to the amazing quality of the premium grade hair we spent over 2 years sourcing, you
 are able to re-use the hair in later hair extension appointments should you want to!
Our hair will not tangle, shed or knot. It really is a dream to wear and for us to work with!
You really are able to invest once and re-use time and time again.
The lengths of hair extensions we offer at Marla  

When it comes to length of hair extensions, we offer a variety as we know everyone wants
something a little different. We are more than happy to discuss your hair extension length
preferences as part of your free consultation, however in order to give you a better initial,
we recommend those who are looking for added volume to consider having a 1/2 or 3/4
head of hair extensions where as if you are looking for an entirely new look, we strongl
 suggest opting for a full head of hair extensions:


14" Bob styles 
16"  Top of arm pit
18” Around Bra Strap Level
20” Below Breast area
22” Hair To Your Hips
Marla Hair Extension Method #1: Micro Rings
A very popular hair extension method at Marla. With this method the hair extensions is fitted
using a tiny Micro (Nano) ring without the need for glue. As a result, it's extremely safe when it
comes to your natural hair and also means you can go on to re-use the same hair in later hair
extension applications many times more.
When opting for the micro ring method of hair extension, maintenance is required every 3 months,
which we call a 'refit'. During this appointment, we will first remove all of our hair extensions before
hen washing, blow drying and trimming your natural hair. As part of each 'refit' service,
we do offer an additional treatment service for a just a little more which can help keep your natural hair even healthier. 
Once we've complete the maintenance of your natural hair, we will then fit all of our hair
extensions back in at the root, before a final cut and blend if its needed.
You're then good to go and looking fire for another 3 months!
Marla Hair Extension Method #2: Micro Bonds

This alternative hair extension method is connected to your own hair using keratin. The keratin we use at Marla is a very special soft resin, chosen because of how kind it is to the hair and how easily it can also be removed from your natural hair. This hair extension method is particularly preferable for finer hair types and those looking to achieve a noticable difference on short hair that has less density.
With the micro bond hair extension method, you cannot unfortunately re-use the hair and so you will need to invest in new hair for your hair extensions every three months. 
Marla Hair Extension Method #3: Discrete Tapes 
This hair extension method is super discrete due to the specialist type of tape that we are one of a very few salons to use.
Our discrete tape hair extension method allows for a quick application once you are in our Buckhurst Hill salon and so if you’re a little short on time this, tapes could well be for you! The hair extension is attached to your natural hair using a narrow, thin sticky strip made from soft keratin which means there is  absolutely NO damage to your natural hair - unlike some other tapes hair extenions that are used by other salons.
Once the tape hair extension is fitted, it will mimic your natural root area so that your new extensions cannot be seen - even up close. We think the tape hair extension method is great for people that want to add thickness in a quick and natural way.
You are able to re-use the tape hair extension each time you have a re-fit appointment which is recommended 6 - 8 weeks. 

Should you wish to learn more about our hair extension methods and what's best for you, we
recommend booking a no obligation, entirely free consultation with one of our stylists who will
take you through step by step, what you can expect and what's best for you.

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