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FAQS: Frequently asked questions at Marla Hair

When it comes to hair extensions and hair colour, we know there are always important questions that you'd like to ask. Whether its related to timings, techniques or even styling suggestions, we've tried to capture some of the most regularly asked questions below.

Should you not find what you are looking for, you can always read more about our hair extensions, hair colour and hair cutting by taking a look through Our Services.

Alternatively, you could also book a free consultation using the button below too.

FAQS: Hair Extensions

Can I have hair extensions?


Our hair extensions can be fitted on anyone’s hair as long as there is a healthy root and is at least chin length. Preferably, it’s a little longer as we like all layers to be below the ear, to create the very best opportunity to achieve beautifully added length and a really well blended and balanced finish. 


Are there any circumstances that mean I can’t have hair extensions?


Unfortunately, we cannot fit hair extensions if you have any actively thinning areas or balding. In addition to this, should you suffer from other specific hair conditions such as alopecia we will not be able to fit hair extensions. If you are at all unsure, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss privately

and in full discretion here.


Can I have hair extensions fitted if I have curly hair?


If your hair is super curly from the root, we advise you to have a keratin treatment before

your fitting to smooth out the curls first. This will allow you to maintain your hair extensions

at home way more easily, once you have left our Buckhurst Hill salon. 


Can I have hair extensions fitted if I have wavy hair?


If your hair is more on the wavy side as opposed to curly, we do offer a wavy hair extension option when it comes to your hair extension fitting date. Our expert technications and stylists will

be on hand to recommend and reassure on your preferred option of hair that will be used. 


Will hair extensions damage my hair?


This is a question we get asked all the time when it comes to hair extensions and the

answer really is simple. Hair extensions will not damage your hair as long as you abide

by three key rules:

You have the right method fitted for your hair type

Our hair extensions technicians will help you with this 

You have the extensions fitted safely and correctly 

Our hair extensions technicians always work safely


You follow all the maintenance advice given

A Marla Hair, we always provide aftercare suggestions to make sure you are able to look after your hair extensions at home correctly.

Which hair extension method is best for me? 


Again, hair extensions methods can be different for each person. At Marla, we offer three different hair extension methods: micro / nano rings, micro bonds and tapes. During your consultation, be that in person or over the phone we will recommend which method is best suited to your hair type and to achieve the look you want to. 


If you would like to learn more about the different techniques today, you can find

more information here.


How many hair extensions should I have fitted?


The number of hair extensions needed is different for everyone. It usually depends on the thickness and length of your own hair as well as the length & look you are aiming to achieve. Our team of hair extension specialists and technicians are always on hand to advise how much hair you will need. This question is also always covered as part of your free of charge consultation which can be booked here.


Will having hair extensions be painful?

It’s a question we get asked a lot and in all honest, having hair extensions should NOT be painful to be fitted nor should it be painful to wear them. If you do feel any discomfort either during your appointment or after, please do let us know and we will address immediately.

Hair Extensions at Marla


Will my extensions look natural?


Yes, yes and yes! At Marla Hair, we hand blend all of our hair extensions which means that every one of our looks is perfectly colour matched just for you. Once the hair extensions are fitted,

we cut and blend the hair to create your very own new style. We make sure the placement

of the connections are super discrete and comfortable by creating every bond that is fitted - allowing us to adapt the size dependent on where it will be fitted on your hair. 


What type of hair extensions do you use?


At Marla, we offer three different hair extension methods: micro / nano rings, micro bonds and tapes. During your consultation, be that in person or over the phone we will recommend which method is best suited to your hair type and to achieve the look you want to. 


How long will my hair extensions take to be fitted and how will I be in the salon for? 


When having your hair extensions fitted in our Buckhurst Hill salon, you can expect hair

colour appointments to take between 2 and 4 hours depending on what service you are

having done. 


For hair extension appointments, we usually take between 1 and 3 hours depending on

the type of method being fitted and the amount being added. We recommend that you

always leave plenty of time for your appointment as we are perfectionists and so like to

make sure you don’t have to rush off anywhere.


Do I need to come to the salon before my hair extension appointment day to

match my hair up first? 


No, you don’t need to come in prior to your hair extension appointment day

unless asked otherwise. We stock all hair lengths and colour all year round which

means we’ll be ready and waiting for you to take the seat in our Buckhurst Hill salon.

Can I have my hair extensions fitted on the same day as my consultation?

Yes! We stock all hair colours and lengths all year round. We can match and fit your

hair on the same day due to our vast colour choice and our hand blending technique.


How long do the hair extensions last?


Well maintained hair extensions can last up to a year. You can re-use the same hair

extensions as many times as you like although we do recommend booking a maintenance appointment for micro/nano rings and bonds every 10 - 12 weeks. Maintenance

for tape extensions is every 6 - 8 weeks. 


When will I need hair extension maintenance?


When it comes to hair extensions maintenance at the salon, we recommend booking an appointment for micro/nano rings and bonds every 10 - 12 weeks whilst for tape

hair extensions, we suggest every 6 - 8 weeks. 

What is a refit hair extension appointment?

A refit hair extension appointment includes removal of of your extensions, washing and

blow drying your hair. We'll then trim your own hair before refitting your hair extensions back

to the root again. Regular refits will help to maintain your hair extensions,

keeping the connections secure and also making sure your own hair stays healthy.

How long will my refit appointment take?

Your refit appointment will take between 1 - 3 hours depending on how many hair

extensions you are having fitted. If you are having a hair colour service too, it may take longer.

Can I wash and dry my hair as normal with hair extensions in?


Yes of course you can! You just have to be gentle with your hair extensions so that

means no major scrubbing at the roots or pulling with hair brush. We recommend

sing a sulphate free cleansing shampoo to take care of your hair extensions

correctly and can offer you products like this as part of your service.


You can also find more information about hair extension aftercare here.


Can I remove my hair extensions myself? 


At Marla Hair, we always recommend that you never do this as it’s a delicate and detailed process. Our suggestion is to book into the salon and have one of our hair extension technicians do this for you so as to make the removal painless and professional.


Should I give my hair a rest between hair extension fittings? 

This really is down to personal preference. Some of our clients like to give their natural hair a few weeks a break before their next hair extension fitting but there is no real need or reason to other than if you want to.


I do a lot of exercise, will this affect my hair extensions?

You can exercise as regularly as you want with hair extensions without them being affected.

We recommend washing them after every workout so you don’t get a build up of oil

which can make them slide.

How do I book a hair extension appointment ?

To book a hair extension appointment with us you will need to arrange a free consultation

either via a video call, on whatsapp or in person. We love to see photos of your

current hair and what kind of look you are aiming to achieve. To secure any

appointment we take a £100 non refundable deposit which is then subtracted from

your bill at the end of your service.

faqs: hair colour


Your Hair Type and Hair Colour


Can I have my hair coloured? 


Yes! We like to know what kind of colour you are aiming for before we book your appointment so we know what colour technique to book you in for. On scalp colours will need a skin test a minimum of 48 hours before. Colour techniques such as balayage do not require skin testing. 


Are there any circumstances that mean I can’t have my hair coloured?


If you haven’t had a patch test for any on scalp application, we won’t be able to go ahead with

the hair colour service. Additionally, if you experience any sensitivity during the patch test, you unfortunately won’t be able to have your hair coloured with us. 


What hair colour appointment should I book?


If you are confused about which hair colour technique or service to book, we suggest booking a free consultation or sending over some photos of your own hair and the colour / style / look you are aiming to achieve on WhatsApp. We will then be able to advise on what's needed.


How long will my colour last?


This differs for every person, hair colour and hair type. Ask your stylist during your consultation or appointment for advice on how to best maintain your colour.


How long will it take to go blonde?


This totally depends on your hair colour, type, length and what has previously been applied.

We will give you an estimated length of time during your consultation. 


Should I have my hair coloured before or after I have my hair extensions fitted? 


You really don't need to as we colour match your hair extensions to your own hair.


However, if you are looking to have your hair coloured, we recommend having this done before

the fitting or with us, during your hair extension appointment. If you are having a hair colour change

before hair extensions are fitted, please be aware that you may need to have a top up colour to keep the hair extensions matched with your own natural hair. 


We can add some brighter or darker tones with the extensions to enhance what you already have. 



Hair Colour Techniques


What is balayage? 


Balayage is a popular, modern colouring technique that creates soft natural results.

Over time the colour will grow out, meaning it will become less obvious and more discreet. 


Balayage is a technique usually chosen by someone someone that is looking for a low

maintenance hair colour solution. 


Balayage Vs highlights?


These are two very different hair colouring techniques. Highlights are for someone that is looking for bright colour to the root where as Balayage is will create a softer, more natural result with a less obvious regrowth.  


Can I colour my hair when with hair extensions in?


You can have your own hair coloured throughout the top section (where there are no extensions fitted) but we do not recommend colouring over the connections as this can make them extremely difficult to remove  We also don’t recommend colouring your hair extensions as they can take very differently to your own hair colour. If you change your hair colour you will need new hair extensions to match. 



Hair Colour at Marla


How long will my hair colour appointment take and how will I be in the salon for? 


Hair colour appointments take between 2 and 4 hours. 

When should I come back to top up my colour? 


This is totally up to you. We would recommend no sooner than 6 weeks but that is

dependent on what you’re having done. A toner may be applied sooner or if you are

going through a colour change process and the hair is being treated and staying healthy in

between visits you may want to come back for a top up sooner than 6 weeks to achieve

the desired change of colour. 

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