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The hair we use at Marla

At Marla, we have searched tirelessly to ensure we NEVER have to use cheap 'off the shelf' hair extension products that many other salons in Essex and East London often use. Instead, we've spent 2 years searching for the perfect long locks that not only look natural but look pure fire too and we cannot wait to show you just how amazing they look.

Some people are concerned about where natural hair extensions come but you really shouldn't when it comes to visiting Marla as all of our hair as been ethically sourced from across the world meaning there's never any nasty surprises, quickly splitting ends or rapidly dulling colour.
Regardless of whether you choose micro rings, micro bonds or discreet tapes we guarantee the premium quality of the hair and just how much you'll love it! 

Everything single one of our clients receives the correct type of hair and colour as we personally take the time to colour match your extensions with your natural hair - no other salon in Essex offers this.

Knowing you might have added few questions about hair extensions and the process of fitting them, we've created an extensive FAQ that should help answer those extra thoughts and queries.

Failing that, you can always contact our team directly who will be more than happy to book a free consultation or simply answer a few questions.

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