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At Marla Hair, we want to make sure you've got everything you need to make sure your hair

extensions continue to look amazing for a long time after you've left our Buckhurst Hill salon.

Knowing there's a lot to learn when it comes to hair extension aftercare, we've but together a

eries easy to follow, at-home helpers, tips and tricks for your luscious locks.

Should the below not cut it, you can always contact Jess or the team via email or

WhatsApp with our aftercare questions and we'll be more than happy to help

Hair Extension Aftercare: What You Need To Know

Use a volume or gentle cleansing shampoo from a reputed, professional brand for your

hair extensions – we use oway in our salon.




The hair conditioner you choose for your hair extensions can be from any brand. For blonde hair

we recommend using a hydrating or repairing variant. Always apply   your chosen hair conditioner

from the mid lengths through to the ends of your hair extensions but never over the rings.




When washing shampoo out of your hair and hair extensions, always do so in a downward

motion, using your fingers to work between the rings from your crown area. Remember to be

nice and gentle, avoiding any scrubbing over the hair extensions connections




Use a hairdryer the dry your hair extension connections. You should not leave them to dry

naturally as the added moisture could cause them to hair extension connection to slide or go soft.

You may however leave the ends to air dry if you prefer.




Wait until your hair and hair extensions are 80% to 90% dry before brushing.


We recommend using a tangle teaser or soft bristle with an application of light oil & a heat

protector through the mid lengths and ends of your hair extensions before any brushing, holding

below the bond/ring and using a downward action below your holding hand.


We also think it’s always a great idea to carry a hair brush in your handbag so you can

maintain you hair and hair extensions frequently.




Your hair extensions are connected using a flattening technique, so please always

make sure you keep them this way.


As such, flipping your head over to wrap a towel around your hair and hair extensions

after a shower really isn't a good idea. Instead, just place the towel gently over your hair

extensions, being sure to hand dry the ends carefully without rubbing over the connections.




When you tie your hair and hair extensions back, it should always be low and loose

plus we recommend your tie it back when you go to sleep where possible. Please also,

remember to be careful with your handbag straps when placing over your shoulder as your

luscious hair extensions can easily get caught up with them.




You can use any hair sprays and heat styling tools on your hair extensions, just always

remember to be gentle and work away from the hair extension connections, never over them.




Wash your hair and hair extensions as often as you need but remember a build-up of

moisture / oils can make the rings slide or the bonds go soft.




Shedding of hair extensions is completely normal if you have the opted for the bond technique.


You will always shed hair extensions, albeit a very small amount. When it comes to the ring

method, you could lose some of the hair extensions but this will likely be no more than 15

across a three month - this sounds like a lot but really it isn’t! If you do lose some of your hair

extensions, please keep hold of them as they can be used as part of your refit.


Remember, you can wear your hair extensions for up to three months before a refit

or new fit is necessary.

Finally, if you do want to wear hair extension long term, we strongly recommend you follow as many of this thoughts as possible 




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