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Why Should I Choose Bonds When It Comes To Hair Extensions?

Updated: May 16, 2018

Hi all,

This is my first blog post and it’s all about bonds bonds bonds!!

Why choose BONDS when choosing hair extensions?

If you have fine hair with less density at the root area then hair extensions with bonds are totally for you! Do not panic, the bonds we do at Marla will damage your own hair as long as you take care of the hair extensions correctly.

Yes it feels very odd when they are removed but that’s because you become so used to having all that extra hair!

Hair extensions with bonds are fantastic for adding volume and thickness to your hair style. You can have the application even if you have short hair - adding fullness or simply adding length too.

The hair extension application method is a bespoke “strand by stand” technique - meaning each extensions is carefully applied individually. The hair extension connected to your own hair by soft keratin, which is heated and hand rolled.

The great thing about using the bonding method for hair extensions is that every bond can be made to any size – ensuring it’s super safe on every type of hair.

When it comes to the keratin used on the hair extension, it always sets clear enabling the process to be extremely discreet. Honestly no one will know you have them in!

Top tip – Make sure the keratin used on the hair extension is a soft one so that it can be removed easily.

Watch out point – Other salons hairstylists proposing hair extensions will use hard Keratin which really isn’t good for the hair. It’s significantly harder to remove which in most cases will lead to breakage.

And remember, always get your hair extensions removed by a highly trained professional with two – three months the maximum time of usage.



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