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Why Choose Marla For Your Hair Extensions?

Hi all,

I know what you're thinking - why should I choose Marla for my hair extensions?

Well, there are oh so many reasons but I thought I'd outline six to keep things simple:

1) We hand make every hair extension which means you get the most perfect colour match

2) We cater for all your hair and hair extensions needs - regardless of age

3) We fit all our hair extensions safely and comfortably

4) We give you expert hair extension after-care advice

5) We create super natural discreet hair extensions that everyone LOVES

6) We care about you, your hair and your hair extensions

7) We have a beautiful salon in Buckhurst Hill, Essex that is super relaxed

8) We have a super cure salon dog called Pablo that is now a local Essex celebrity

Pop in and see what all the love is about - I dare you x

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