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What Products Should You Use On Hair Extensions?

Updated: Jun 8, 2018

What products should I use on hair extensions
What products should I use on hair extensions

At Marla, all of the hair that we use in our hair extensions is of the very best quality.

This means, that you really do not need to overload the fitted hair extensions with heavy treatments or leave in conditioners. Instead, when looking after your styled hair, you should consider the following:

1) A professional volumising or clarifying shampoo

2) A lightweight conditioner from any professional range

3) A light oil

- At Marla we love Moroccon Oil or Velvet by Neal & Wolf

4) A flexible hold hair spray

- At Marla we love Wella or Neal & Wolf

5) A shine spray

- At Marla we love Caviar by alterna

As hair extensions always hold a style very well, you really won’t need to over dress the hair with sprays but it’s nice to have a little product on for heat protection & general hold.

So as you can see from tips above, hair extensions really are very easy to maintain.



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