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Easy Maintenance of Hair Extensions

Hi all,

This next blog is for you all to understand how easy hair extensions are to maintain.

The do’s

· Wash you hair and hair extensions as often as you like

· Use a professional shampoo of either volumising or cleansing

· Use any heat styling tool

· Brush hair extensions neatly

· Gentle shampooing

· Condition the ends of hair extensions with your choice of conditioner

· Use the hair dryer to dry your hair extensions

· Wear you hair up loosely and low

The don’ts

· Pulling on your hair extensions

· Scrubbing the roots of your hair extensions too hard

It’s as easy as that!

In our Essex based salon, we will always run you through best practice hair extension guidelines and of course answer any questions you may have.

It really is super easy. Hair extensions for the win.

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