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Colouring Hair: Highlights vs Balayage

Hi all,

So technically, this post isn't about hair extensions but as our salon in Essex also offers killers cutting and colour, I thought it was worth speaking a little time answering a common question.

First things first, when it comes to hair colour, you have to decide weather you want to see blonde right to the root or not.

If your used to seeing very bright blonde up to your root and love it then you likely want to opt for highlighted hair.

If you’re someone that wants to see a slightly toned down root and a softer blonde hair then balayage is for you.

Balayage is great because it’s involves a lot less up hair upkeep. Your natural roots can creep through nicely wit out you feeling the need to have your hair colour topped up. With so many variations of the technique, balayage will always offer a softer transition from your own hair colour to another.

Highlights definitely still have their place. If you’re wanting hair colour right to the root - keeping it nice and bright then they are definitely for you. With the right application and technique, the end result can more dramatic if a higher percentage of hair is weaved and coloured. Having said that, you can still achieve a very soft result - looking more natural if wanted.

Of course, we always advise a full consultation before undertaking any major colour work as well as extensions. So either give us a call, drop us an email or come and visit the salon in Essex for a face to face.

Big love x

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