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Clip In Hair Extensions Vs Individual 'Strand by Strand' Hair Extension Methods

Updated: May 16, 2018

Hi all,

Stand by strand hair extension methods such as micro rings or micro bonds give a very different to result to clip in hair extensions.

Clip in hair extensions are for an individual that only wants added fullness and length for nights out or the odd occasion only. Yes it can be a little bit of a faff to add the hair extensions every time you’re heading out somewhere fancy but they can give you thickness and length result quickly.


· Volume

· Re-usable

· Quick


· Colour matching is difficult

· Restrictive (if you want to wear your hair up)

· Heavy on the natural hair

· Cumbersome (You have to add them in each time)

· Occasional

Strand by strand hair extension methods are for an individual that is looking for volume and/or length every day. This technique lasts for up to 3 months before any maintenance is required. Some strand by strand hair extensions methods are also re-useable.


· Semi-permanent solution

· Perfect colour match can be achieved

· Discreet

· Option to wearing your hair up


· There’s a limit of how much hair you can add in

· They don’t give you added root lift

Depending on your lifestyle and required end result, you can decide which form of hair extension method is best for you. Personally I recommend the strand by strand hair extension method. My natural hair is now much longer for wearing them.

It’s stopped me drying the ends of my own hair too – with the heat styling coing into effect on the hair extension instead.

People regularly say that they are always worried about damage to the hair extension - if you look after them correctly, you will be totally fine!

So why not have good hair and get yourself some hair extensions!?



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