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10 Reasons To Choose Micro Rings When It Comes To Hair Extensions?

Updated: Jun 8, 2018

At Marla, we like to use micro ring when it comes to fitting luxury hair extensions because not only do they look fantastic and natural, they are also very safe to use.

Here's 10 quick reasons to choose the micro ring hair extension method:

1) No glue is needed to attach the hair extensions

2) No heat to required to prepare the glue for hair extensions

3) No damage is caused when fitting hair extensions to your natural hair

4) No sewing is needed when fitting hair extensions to your natural hair

5) The hair used for the hair extensions is reusable during future fittings

6) Utilising mini micro rings ensures the hair extensions are always comfortable to wear

7) Maintenance of the hair extensions is only required every 3 months

8) Micro ring hair extensions easily adds length & volume

9) Micro ring hair extensions can be very easily removed

10) Micro ring hair extensions are always very discreet

Everyone at Marla is extremely passionate about luxury hair extensions so if you do have any questions about the salon you can always head to our website or even email directly



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